About Us:

PlayHouse is a Jazz Rock group formed and based out of the small-town New Carlisle, IN. With live music ranging from classic rock covers, to funky and upbeat original compositions, PlayHouse brings a unique and unheard sound to rural Northern Indiana. The 6-piece group features a tight rhythm section containing founder—and master of laying it down—Trevor Dailey on bass, jazz rock veteran Seth Schwager on drums, local prodigy and solo wizard Preston Mahaffey on the keyboards, and the groove maker Kevin Blanchard on auxiliary percussion. Their unique sound wouldn’t be complete without a horn section that will leave you in awe. Featuring true tone saxophonist Jordan Cuadrado and jazz trumpeter Dylan Liggett, the duo brings a loud and exciting energy that will make you want to get out of your seat, while also being able to deliver the smooth tunes to which the ear deserves too. Each of these musicians have 7+ years of experience, and have been around each other’s musical upbringings—whether it be through friendship, or the 5 members that participated in the same music program throughout their middle and high school years—meaning that the years of experience playing together has already put the young artists on an upwards trajectory, while placing them on the local map which rewarded multiple gigs at notable venues such as the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI. Along with plans to finish and release their debut LP comes patience, attention to detail, and strive for greatness…so there is no doubt of belief that they will put their skills and musicianship on full display with the future of their discography.